Straight to Third Base

Video Description: Alex Harper and Seth Gamble are dating each other for months. Everything is fine, they love each other and they spend a lot of time together. Unfortunately, every time Seth wants to go to third base, he gets shut down by Alex. Today her mom and dad are out of town for the weekend. Alex is feeling extra horny and is ready and willing to let Seth go straight to third base. Letting him put his cock in her untouched pussy! Talk about a home run full of cum!

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I love seeing his cock pump and throb a big nasty wad of cum in her tight little pretty pussy. She earned it for being so pretty
2018-08-20 17:59
Pretty whores are good for unloading your cum into and this beauty is no exception. I'd cum so hard in her pussy I'd cry.
2018-04-14 06:50
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