Holy Moly

Video Description: Ashley Adams is hitchhiking, Brad Hart stops his car to give her a ride. She tells him that she is going to be a nun very soon and how eventually she will not be able to swear or have sex. She then asks Brad if they can stop at his place before dropping her off, so she can use the restroom. While Brad waits for her, he sneaks into her backpack and finds her panties. He begins to jerk off, but gets caught by Ashley. She tells him that she is not exactly a real nun yet, and how she wants him to fuck her pussy for the last time! He fucks her so hard, till she cums! She gags on his thick cock giving it a sucking like he's never had before! Too bad after all of this he will never be able to touch her again!
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Thats a nice one! Ashley is a real beauty!
2018-10-21 05:17
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