Double Dip

Video Description: Kate England may be young but she knows what she needs and it's a big cock making her scream! It's been too long since she had a good lay...catching her sister Pam blowing boyfriend Redd just makes her hornier. While secretly watching and wanting his big black dick Kate's touching herself and cuming hard. Now, Kate begins to plot just how to really fuck him... luckily her sister Pam is her identical twin. Kate has the perfect plan to seduce Redd and it's worked perfectly. Redd's fat cock is buried in her aching pussy. She really is the dirtiest twin!

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1 comment

Can you stop changing the camera angle on the cum shot all the time?????  Not everyone wants to see a close up every single time.  The ending would have been perfect if you would have just left the camera angle alone.
2017-07-28 15:41
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